Welcome to distance learning!

We appreciate very much that you have decided to study in the zfh network of state universities of applied sciences.

To get you off to a good start, you will find here some information that will help you to get along quickly.

We wish you a successful start in your study programme, enjoy your time, celebrate your achievements and make a lot of new contacts.

The distance learning courses provided by the zfh network correspond to the blended learning approach, that is a combination of self-study, digital learning components, and face-to-face events which take place in your virtual classroom or at the location of your university.

But don’t worry, you must not jump in at the deep end, as tutors will accompany you virtually and will make it easier for you to solve your self-study exercises, write your semester papers and clarify arising questions.
In addition, a learning platform ensures networking and exchange between students and teachers.

If you want to continue your studies, you have to re-register for each subsequent semester via your zfh online account. The tution fees you have to pay for the following semester result from the re-registration, as with the re-registration you also carry out the course allocation for the coming semester.


Please notice the following registration periods:

for a winter semester: beginning of May until June 30th
for a summer semester: beginning of November until January 5th

Please find further information concerning the online re-registration here.

If you have any questions, please contact the colleagues at the zfh student administration at rueckmeldung@zfh.de.

Should there be a foreseeable delay in your further studies for professional or personal reasons (new job or tasks, stay abroad, illness, birth of a child, etc.), a holiday semester can be taken on application upon submission of suitable evidence and after consultations with the zfh student administration and the supervisors of your degree programme (examination deadlines may have to be observed).

While the holiday semester is free of charge for guest students, regular students have to pay the student semester contribution of their university.
During a holiday semester you cannot take part in events or exams.

If you have not finished working on the course material in the current semester or if you were not able to take part in the exams, you can repeat the semester at a reduced price, after consultations with the zfh student administration and the supervisors of your degree programme. You will not receive any new material in the following semester, but you can take part in all face-to-face classes and examination dates concerning the previous lesson units.

Since the universities of applied sciences may have different regulations, the individual regulations of the university at which you are enrolled always apply.

Depending on the distance learning programme and your personal prior knowledge and study experiences, the time you need for your distance learning is around 10 to 18 hours per week. With the daily demands, it is not always easy to "reconcile" all obligations and permanently devote the necessary time and energy to your studies.
To ensure that the initial euphoria is not followed all too soon by disillusion and that you successfully complete your studies with joy and motivation, we recommend that you effectively integrate your studies into your everyday life right from the beginning. With a compilation of tips and techniques for learning and time management, we would like to support you systematically.

The universities are responsible for everything to do with studying:


  • Contents of the study materials
  • Subject-specific and content-realted study advice
  • Implementation of distance learning courses including examination law
  • Program coordination and study procedures

If you have any questions on these topics, in particular on examination law issues and grades, recognition of prior achivements, participation in courses, Bachelor's or Master's theses, etc., please contact the course coodinators of your degree programm directly.


The responsibilities of the zfh include administrative tasks such as:

  • General information and advice
  • Application procedure, admissions, re-registration and fee collection
  • Student administration, study organization with regard to matrial dispatch
  • Marketing and public relations

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the zfh student administration team at rueckmeldung@zfh.de.

The Federal Government of Germany and the Länder support those interested in education in financing further and continuing vocational training.
Please understand that the following information refers to the situation in Germany and has not been translated into English.

Everything clear?

If not, you can also find answers to many of your questions in our FAQs.


Educational leave...

...is additional paid leave granted by employers to their employees for educational purposes. Please understand thatthe following information refers to the labor situation in Germany and has not been translated into English.

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