Re-registration for the next semester

Please re-register for the next semester at the following times:

Re-registration for the summer semester: 1st November – 31st December
Re-registration for the winter semester: 1st May - 30th June

Please make sure that you re-register for the following semester in time!
In the event of late re-registration, students are charged a late submission fee of currently 25,00 EUR. If a student fails to re-register, the process of removing that student from the register of students (Exmatrikulation) will be initiated.

After your re-registration, the notification of study fees will be issued and sent out in mid-January (for the summer semester) and mid-July (for the winter semester).

Please note that the fees must be paid in full by the stated deadline. Registration at your university will only take place after the fees have been received!

You will find a wide range of information on enrolment, re-registration and payment conditions in our enrolment and payment conditions.

Please re-register in the online portal within the re-registration period.

Online portal

If you have any questions please write to

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