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Explore the unique BioMex certificate programme designed for advanced education in biotechnology, with a focus on biopharmaceutical applications and production techniques. Tailored for anyone with a university degree and an interest in biotechnology, this exclusive programme is conducted solely in English.

Pharmaceutical Biotechnology in Focus

Pharmaceutical biotechnology involves applying biotechnological techniques within the pharmaceutical industry. It utilizes biological systems – organisms and their derivatives – to develop pharmaceutical products for therapeutic purposes, diagnosis, or disease prevention. Beyond vaccine development, the programme prioritises also the search for and production of potential drugs.

Modular Learning for Tailored Expertise

The BioMex programme is modular, allowing participants to choose from various modules based on a blended learning concept. Modules are grouped into competence clusters like Biotechnology and Biomedicine, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology, Innovation Management and Intercultural Cooperation, and Facility, Energy and Environmental Management.

Participants can create a personalised study profile and obtain certificates ranging from a "Micro-Degree" (from 3 ECTS) to a "Certificate of Advanced Studies” (more than 10 ECTS). We are planning to develop further modules and expand the competence clusters by a "Diploma of Advanced Studies” (more than 30 ECTS). Seize the chance to earn 3 or more ECTS in the first semester, spanning from April to September. If you like, explore additional modules in the second to fourth semester.

All modules are assessed with 3 ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System). ECTS is a standard for comparing the academic achievements and results of students at different universities in Europe. It was developed by the European Commission to facilitate the recognition of study periods abroad, ensuring seamless credit transfer between universities.

Innovative Teaching Methods for Individual Learning

The programme employs activating and innovative teaching methods, featuring interactive learning spaces and VR technology for virtual learning phases. These interactive spaces create a dynamic environment that fosters playful learning and actively engages participants in understanding complex contexts.

International Collaboration for Biotech Growth

BioMex acts as an exchange programme between Rwandan and European educational institutions, fostering cross-border knowledge acquisition. Aimed at developing Rwanda's biotechnology sector, the programme trains specialists. Growing collaborations and partnerships contribute to the international orientation of the project. After a pilot phase, the modular courses will also be offered to German students and specialists.

Continuously evolving, the programme provides teaching from the following competence clusters and already offers the following modules:

  • Biotechnology and Biomedicine
    • Module BT1: Molecular Biology and Molecular Biotechnology (3 ECTS)
    • Module BT2: Biostatistics and Data Literacy (3 ECTS)
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology
    • Module PT1: Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmacology (3 ECTS)
  • Innovation Management and Intercultural Cooperation
    • Module IM1: Innovation Management (3 ECTS)
  • Facility, Energy and Environmental Management.

Admission prerequisites include holding a university degree along with a proficiency in English at the B2 level. An English test will be taken during the application process. As part of the application process, a letter of motivation is required. Additionally, applicants are obliged to include two references. Refer to the instructions for both on the registration page.

For individuals facing challenging living conditions, there is an opportunity to submit a specialised application (refer to the guide provided on the registration page).

The certification programme is free of charge until winter semester 2025/ 2026.

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  • Kigali - Rwanda

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The programme offers blended learning, combining digital participation with on-site events at the University of Rwanda. Interact with learning platforms, educational videos, and gain practical skills in Rwandan labs and VR technology.

Presented by the Centre for Distance Learning Programmes at Universities of Applied Sciences (zfh) and the Society for International Cooperation (GIZ), BioMex involves renowned universities like TH Bingen, HS Mainz, HS Koblenz, HS Kaiserslautern, INES Ruhengeri, the University of Rwanda, and the University of Parma. Professor Dr. Maik Lehmann leads the programme.

Applications for the first certificate programme run from 29 May until 30 July.

If you would like to register please click here

In the following documents you can find important information and instructions on the application process, special applications, a guide for your mandatory references and a guide to the motivation letter. If you want to learn more about the content of the modules, please open the module description.



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