Management competence in motorsport is a particularly important issue. In addition to detailed knowledge of the motorsport scene, the MBA Motorsport Management focuses on marketing, for example sponsoring and brand management. Furthermore, key qualifications such as personnel and management techniques are taught.

Core Topics

The distance learning programme MBA Motorsport-Management comprises the following contents:

1st semester


    Communication & Soft Skills for Leadership

    Marketing Politics and Strategy

2nd semester:

     Performance and Financial Management

     Marketing: Market Research & Customer Management

     Management: Economics & Quantitative Analysis

3rd semester:

    Organization in Motorsport

    Human Resource, Project and Management Techniques in Motorsport

    Marketing in Motorsport

4th semester:

    International Master Thesis Seminar

    Motorsport Project and Event

    Master Thesis and colloquium

Admission Criteria and Qualification

You can be admitted to the MBA distance learning programme if you have completed a first university degree (at least six theory semesters)  with a good final grade (German grade of 2.5 or better; we translate grades from different grading systems into the corresponding German grade). In the case of a final grade worse than 2.5, an interview with the course director will take place.

To reach the Master's level, 300 ECTS points are required, including the first university degree. Since you will achieve 90 ECTS credits in the MBA programme, your first university degree should have a workload of 210 ECTS credits.

Applicants with less than 210 ECTS credits have various options to acquire the missing ECTS credits during the MBA programme.

In addition, you need one year of professional experience after completion of your first university degree.

If you do not have a first university degree, it is possible to be admitted to the degree programme via an aptitude test.

Admission to the aptitude test requires

  • University entrance qualification as well as
  • at least three years of creditable professional experience with sufficient connections to the content of the chosen degree programme.

The Master's programme comprises a workload of 90 ECTS credits. After successful completion, the internationally recognised academic degree Master of Business Administration (MBA) is awarded.

This course of study can also be taken as a certificate programme or on a modular basis.


This course of study is modular in structure and follows the blended learning approach. A mix of different teaching media, such as written documents, e-learning units and face-to-face seminars appeals to the different senses and guarantees successful learning. During the semester, attendance days take place on three weekends (Fridays and Saturdays) online in the 1st and 2nd semester and at the Nürburgring  in the 3rd semester.


Tuition fees: 2100 € per semester

plus the university's social contribution of € 103 per semester as well as a one-time chip card fee of € 8 for the student ID card of Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences.

Not included are the costs for retakes of exams of 50 €, the expenses for the Master Thesis seminar and, if the standard period of study is exceeded, from the 6th semester onwards, a contribution of 800 € per semester. In case the Master's thesis has to be repeated additional costs of 550 € will be incurred.

Attendance Sessions

Attendance sessions will be online and at the Nürburgring - Rhineland-Palatinate.

Study Course Details

This programme is offered by the Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences, Zweibrücken, in cooperation with the zfh and is accredited by the AQAS agency.

Professor Dr. Bettina Reuter is the course director.

Our partner, Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences, has more information about the distance-learning programme available for you.

How to apply

Admission is possible in either summer or winter semesters

Annual application periods:

  • for the summer semester: beginning of November until 15th January
  • for the winter semester: beginning of May until 15th July

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