When do summer an winter terms start and end?

Terms times run from:
01 March to 30 August: Summer Term
01 September to 28 Feburary: Winter Term
The start of introductory and attendance events varies from institution to institution.

When can I register?

The application period for the summer term is from 1 October / 1 November to 15 January of each year.
The application period for the winter term starts on 1 April / 1 May and ends on 15 June / 15 July of each year.

(Please note that application deadlines for individual courses may be different. Furthermore, the application deadline for interested applicants without a first degree may be earlier at some universities of applied sciences).

Where do I get information about the application?

Applications for a zfh distance learning course are submitted online from our homepage. On "Registration", you find the relevant information and access to the online application.

Where and when are the information events for individual distance learning courses?

As a general rule, information events take place during the application period at the respective university of applied sciences. Dates are published on our homepage at "Informationstermine".

What are the times and deadlines for re-registration?

If you want to continue with your course of study, you need to re-register each term. The annual re-registration periods for the winter term are from 1 May to 30 June at the latest, and for the summer term from 1 November to 31 December at the latest.

Can foreign applicants apply?

Foreign applicants can apply for a place provided their knowledge of German meets the requirements for a distance learning course. The universities (of applied sciences) usually require language skills on level C1.

In case of our international study programme "Logistics - International Management & Consulting (LIMC)" both German and foreign applicants must proof English language skills (at least IELTS score 7, CAE, BEC higher or equivalent proof).

In what language are the distance learning courses conducted?

Usually, the language of instruction for zfh distance learning courses is German. In some study programmes English skills are required for single modules that are conducted in English. The international MBA programme "Logistics - International Management & Consulting" is exclusively taught in English.

Can credits from previous courses be counted towards the distance learning course?

To some extent, credits from previous courses at recognised universities can be accepted. Regarding the recognition of earlier credits, interested applicants and students should contact the course coordinators for their specific course at the relvant university of applied sciences.

Can I get financial support during my distance learning course?

Federal and state governments provide financial support to those seeking to further their professional education. For information, please consult the following programmes:

  • Aufstiegsstipendium [Upgrade Scholarship Programme (BMBF)]
  • Bildungsscheck (only in NRW)
  • Qualischeck (Rheinland-Pfalz)
  • Weiterbildungsbonus (Hamburg
    Further information about support option (only available in German).

Are the costs of my distance learning course tax deductible?

Costs arising from continuing professional education are generally tax deductible on the income tax return as income-related expenses or special expenditure. For further information, please contact your tax office.

When and where can I apply for a reduction in fees?

In hardship cases, students in need can apply for a reduction in fees. Fees can be reduced in case of unemployment, for social benefit claimants and those serving a custodial sentence. A fee reduction can only be granted to students who are already registered. More information on how to apply and on the procedure can be found under "Re-registration".

Do students on distance learning courses get a student ticket?

Term fees for students on distance learning courses do not include a contribution towards a student ticket, because such students are unlikely to use their ticket very much in the course of their studies. For that reason, you do not get a student ticket.

How much study time should I allow for a distance learning course?

Depending on the actual distance learning course and your previous knowledge, you should generally allow for 10-18 hours of study time per week.

Are all zfh distance learning courses accredited?

All zfh Bachelor- & Master distance learning courses are accredited.