Whom can I contact if I need advice?

zfh staff are available for an initial telephone consultation on +49 (0) 261 91538-0.

If you are looking for comprehensive advice about courses offered by the zfh, please contact Annette Honsel on +49 (0) 261 91538-12 or by e-mail at advice@zfh.de.

In addition, you can get information about specific entry requirements. For these questions, please contact us on +49 (0) 261 91538-20 or by e-mail at admission@zfh.de.

For advice on the contents of a particular course, please get in touch with the relevant contact at the respective university of applied sciences. You find the name of the relevant contact under the details of each course.

How do I register? What doduments do I need for registration?

Information about courses of study can be found on the respective registration page.

If you want to apply for a course, please register on our online portal.

After you have registered, a password will be generated and sent to you for your next login. Then you can apply for a course of studies of your choice. Please fill in the online application, print the form, sign it and send it to us together with (certified) copies of all certificates and other documents required for admission.

What entry requirements do I have to meet?

Information about entry requirements for individual zfh distance learning courses is provided under "For prospective students".
The requirements you have to meet for admission to a distance learning course are also listed in the application documents and the associated checklist. These can be found under "Application".

What is the course content of the various zfh distance learning courses?

Information about the course content of individual zfh correspondence courses is provided under "For prospective students". The Student Advisory Service at the respective university of applied sciences is happy to help with any questions regarding the course content.

Who are the contacts at the universities of applied sciences and how do I get in touch with them?

The course coordinators at the respective universities of applied sciences are happy to answer specific and content-related questions about the distance learning courses. Details of contacts at individual universities of applied sciences can be found under the respective distance study course or in our German guidebook which you can download from "Distance learning courses guide".

What costs do I have to expect for a zfh distance learning course?

The costs for a undergraduate course consist of the fee for the provision of course material and the social contribution to the respective university of applied sciences (contribution to the ASTA [Student Union] and the Studentenwerk [Student Services]).
For postgraduate distance learning courses, the advanced learning fee is charged in addition to the above. More information is available on our homepage if you click on the course in question.

When are the letters of admission and notification of fees are sent out?

Letters of admission and notification of fees are generally sent out once the admission process is completed, i.e. for a winter term from end of July to mid-August, for a summer term from end of January to mid-February.

What degree/qualification can I achieve?

Depending on the distance learning course and the length of study, qualifications range from university certificates to Master degrees. Please look under "For prospective students" for more information on qualifications/degrees that you can achieve with individual zfh distance learning courses.

Where can I find dates for attendance phases and exams?

Dates of attendance events for the current term can be found under "Attendance dates".
Written tests and exams are generally scheduled for the attendance dates at the end of a term.

Do the attendace events of the various courses qualify for educational release or educational leave?

As a general rule, attendance events of zfh distance learning courses are recognised as qualifying for educational leave in Rheinland-Pfalz. We updated the forms required for such an application at the start of each term.

Information about educational leave and the relevant applications forms can be found under "Bildungsfreistellung" (only available in German).

How do I apply for educational leave?

The application forms can be found on our homepage under "Bildungsfreistellung" (only available in German). Please print them out and submit the completed forms to your employer at the latest 6 weeks prior to the start of the event.

Can applicants apply for courses of studies via an aptitude test?

Prospective students without a first university degree have the option of applying for many of our  courses of study via an aptitude test, provided certain prerequisites are met.

More information can be found under the respective distance study courses.