Distance learning courses guide

Each year, the zfh publishes a guide to distance learning courses at universities of applied sciences, with a structured overview of all courses offered by the zfh. It provides a brief description of each course with addresses and links for further information. With a wealth of tips and information about distance learning, it is a major help in deciding whether to go for a distance learning course.

The guide in its various versions is only available in German.

The guidebook is available in four versions:
If you want to get an overview of all distance learning courses in the zfh university network, we recommend the complete edition.
If you already know which direction your distance learning should take, take a look at the edition for the corresponding subject area.


The guidebooks for the departments of Economics, Technology & Natural Sciences and Social Sciences are available in printed form in a handy format as well as in PDF format for downloading.
The complete edition of the zfh guidebook is only available for download.

Download complete edition

Download Economic Sciences

Download Technology & Natural Sciences

Download Social Sciences

or request the guidebook in printed form.

In addition to information about its own range of courses offered by the zfh in cooperation with the federal states of Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland, the guide also includes an updated overview of distance learning courses on offer in all of Germany, by state-funded universities of applied sciences as well as by state-approved private ones. 

You can find the according information, sorted by state and private universities, in our download area.